Colossal Trailer Music Releases ECLIPTICON To The Industry

Colossal Trailer Music has released a new hybrid orchestral album to the trailer industry, which includes a new track of mine called Eclipticon. Check out the awesome Promo Video below, featuring snippets of a few tracks from ECLIPTICON!

For licensing, please contact: ECLIPTICON (CTM023) Featured tracks: 00:00 - No Mercy (Nick Road) 01:10 - Taurus Emerge (Martin Hasseldam) 01:22 - Eclipticon (Cody Still) 01:50 - Extremities (Ciaran Birch) Video edited by Ping @ Ping Pong Studio - Composed by Cody Still, Nick Road, Ciarán Birch, Alexander Plowright, Kevin Sargent, Martin Cap, Max Legend, Jacopo Cicatiello, Martin Hasseldam, Mattia Turzo, Hybrid Chronicles and Goran Dragas.

Cody Still

Composer & Sound Designer, Music for Film, TV, and Video Game Advertising