Sub Pub Music - Drowning Abyss

Sub Pub Music has released it's pirate/adventure trailer music album. My track, Cutlass, is included in this epic new album!

“Drowning Abyss is an epic pirate and adventure album with triumphant melodic themes, thunderous percussion and some intense and powerful victorious choir segments. Avast, me mateys! Tis a fine album has dropped anchor. A trailer music treasure trove is on the horizon and you, our trusted listeners, are at the helm!”

For licensing information, click HERE. It is also available for public purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Sub Pub Music - SCHIZO

Sub Pub Music has just released the third installment to their end-of-the-year sound design trilogy. Three of my tracks are featured on this album: Deranged, Hysteria, and Unhinged.

"Schizo is a modern horror and sound design album with creepy soundscapes, sudden killer drops, heart stopping surprises, bone-chilling scary ghostly screams and whispers, and evil undertones from the depths of hell."

For LICENSING information, click HERE. Also available on iTunes!

Album Artwork by Koke Nunez Gomez

Sub Pub Music- Pandemic

Sub Pub Music's latest trailer music album is now available for both the INDUSTRY and the PUBLIC. My track, Pandemic, is featured as the Title Track for this album. "Pandemic is a gritty, aggressive, heavy and dark sound design album with distorted percussive grooves, edgy synths and destructive risers and impacts, loaded with fierce, hard-hitting and mayhemic sounds from the depth of hell."