Realms Faire - "Into Oblivion"

Collaborative Contest Announcement! Our Realms Faire journey ‘Into Oblivion’ begins TODAY! Join us for a serial adventure inspired by the music of Cody Still - Composer. Listen to Cody Still's featured album selections and choose the correct track that inspired each chapter and you’re entered to WIN 2 digital albums by Sub Pub Music! Event banner designed by our talented friend, Koke Núñez Gómez
▶ Chapters unveiled daily, from November 10th through November 14th = 5 chances to WIN!
▶ A bonus challenge will be unveiled November 14th, where you’ll have the chance to WIN signed album art!
▶ The commenting window for all chapters will remain open until Monday, Nov. 17th, midnight EST!
M. Pax, Koke Núñez GómezShelley StillMikkel Heimburger, Amy Willoughby-Burle

Cody Still

Composer & Sound Designer, Music for Film, TV, and Video Game Advertising